page1Patients Space was founded on important core values. These values shape every decision we make – from the way we build and enhance the site, to what business partnerships we develop. Because trust is our most valuable asset, we want to know if you ever hear or see anything that concerns you about the ethics of how we operate Patients Space or the website. You can Contact Us anytime.

We want to hear from you personally because this community is yours and it should reflect who you are.

Honor the trust patients place in us
Simply stated, this means “Patients First.” You, our patients, trust us with your most valued health information. We honor that trust, and we are dedicated to advancing the knowledge of your conditions with the information you share.

We believe that sharing health information is good. Why? Because sharing and openness will drive massive improvement in healthcare.

No surprises. Our members shouldn’t be surprised by anything we do. Our goal is to disclose what we do with members’ information, how we make money, as well as all of our partnerships on the site.

Create Excellence
When you see our site, we want you to to be happy and relieved.