Patients Space community is a interactive patient social network that gives patients a way to conduct meaningful interactions in a safe interactive community. Patients get a free and convenient way to stay in touch with their medical community community, which enables them to take an active role in their own health care and treatment. Recent research shows thats social networks enable patients to be more involved in their healthcare and provide therapeutic relief. There is a revolution happening in the way patients communicate, interact and relate to each other and it’s made possible by online social networks.

At the heart of this shift are online peer-to-peer support networks such as Patients Space which enable patients to share details of their medical conditions with people who have the same or similar conditions and compare and contrast different diagnoses and treatments – anywhere in the world. Patients can ask for advice, learn from each other, discuss test results, compare how different medications, treatments or combinations of drugs might or might not be working.

At Patients Space, we’re proud to be part of this quiet interconnected revolution towards participatory medicine. We think that more empowered patients – or rather the patients empowering themselves – will not only have enormous benefits for the individual but it will also lead to more efficient and effective healthcare systems across the world.